Infused Wine Market

  • With California’s bill getting passed, many wineries across the nation are looking to begin to plan for combining the passions of millions of customers.
  • Even before the full regulatory green light, the first step is locking down your brand or product names. Everyone is in the same speculation boat, you may want to acting now to edge your competitors out to get the perfect brand name you need.
  • The good news is you have the option of renting the names and cancel at any time. High return potential and no risk. 
  • If any of these marketing names get your money making wheels in your head turning, let me help.
  • February 2018 special – Ask for the 2 for 1 special
  • See the list of:
    • Premium Vineyard Names
    • Organic Vineyard and Product Names
    • Premium Product Names



Domain PropertyBuy it NowRental $ *Niche
CANNABISBYTHEGLASS.COM$3,195 $175/moInfused Wine Product Name
CANNABISTABLEWINE.COM$3,195 $175/moInfused Wine Product Name
CANNABISVINO.COM$3,195 $175/moInfused Wine Product Name
CANNABISWHITE.COM$3,195 $175/moInfused Wine Product Name
GANJAVINEYARDS.COM$3,195 $250/moVineyard Name
GRASSVINEYARD.COM$3,195 $250/moVineyard Name
ORGANICGANJAWINERY.COM$3,195 $250/moVineyard Name
ORGANICHEMPWINERY.COM$3,195 $250/moVineyard Name
ORGANICHEMPWINES.COM$3,195 $250/moVineyard Name
BIGBUDSVINEYARD.COM$2,745 $159/moVineyard Name
BIGBUDVINEYARD.COM$2,745 $159/moVineyard Name
HEMPBYTHEGLASS.COM$2,745 $159/moVineyard Name
ORGANICGANJAVINO.COM$2,745 $159/moInfused Wine Product Name
ORGANICGANJAWINES.COM$2,745 $159/moVineyard Name
ORGANICGRASSWINES.COM$2,745 $159/moVineyard Name
HEMPRED.COM *$1,495 $159/moInfused Wine Product Name
HEMPWHITE.COM *$1,495 $159/moInfused Wine Product Name